An HTML5 Valentine

Filed Under (About Me, HTLM5, JavaScript) by Nathan Schwermann on 15-02-2013

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I had some last minute inspiration (or was in panicking) to make an HTML5 Valentine’s Day game for my wife this year. Aside from the tiny bit of HTML required to post blog entries with my wordpress site here I hadn’t done any HTML since back in the time that <blink> was cool and everyone had those nifty little counters on the bottom of their site that said how many visiters had been there.

I was actually really astounded by how far things have come since then. I may have very well even caught the bug, I want to play around with this stuff some more and come up with something better when I don’t have such a time contraint. Anyways, I invite you to check out my short Valentines Day game, it can be found here.


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