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Filed Under (animation, flash) by Nathan Schwermann on 26-04-2009

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Well, I am certainly excited to post this video to share with everyone. This is my very first flash animation and I even surprised myself with how well it came out. I did run into a few issues with the sound not syncing up perfectly, especially when doing the speech glow effect on the Heaven and Rhea characters. It seems the filters I used slowed down the frame rate causing the sound to go off sync. But enough with the technical talk this time.

I chose the title Why Hamsters Eat Their Babies and How Zeus Was Born to help set the mood and tone of the video. It seems to work because everyone who I have showed this too in person got a smile on their face when they read the title screen. I like the perspective view when reading about myths and I love when they try to explain something that we, or the Ancient Greeks, don’t understand. Which is why I decided to make Cronos a hamster instead of an image of the sky. Well I suppose a hamster is a little more interesting, but I am happy with my decision to keep Rhea an actual floating planet earth.

Now, the idea of making Cronos eat his children and for Rhea to feed him a rock instead of Zeus all came from The Theogony of Hesiod I just can’t make this stuff up. I’m giving thought of bringing some of my other favorite myths to life as well in the future. Feel free to post a comment with suggestions!

I also have to give a thanks to CartoonSmart for their great free tutorials on drawing and animation in flash. I couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks again for watching!

Don't mess with the Zeus